40+ Responsive WordPress Themes Design for Example

Responsive WordPress themes are one of the hottest trends in the web design industry because those themes help to drive a lot of traffic to any website in any niche. A theme is said to be responsive if it changes the layout of the website based on the device the internet user is using to browse your site. This is a good way of starting any business online because it is easier to get prospective customers to know about what you are selling.

Using Cool WordPress Themes. There are many cool WordPress themes in the sense that they are attractive. However, being attractive is not only what you need online. You should also make sure that the theme is able to make your site accessible by anybody using laptop, desktop computer or any type of mobile device. A lot of people want to buy your products, but there are hundreds or even thousands of other business selling the same or similar products. Therefore, the use of a theme with a responsive web design is one of the ways of defeating your competitors.

Responsive Web Design Examples. If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a responsive layout, you should consider some of the examples described below. They are of different designs and look for different types of businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to go through each of them to know the one which works best for your type of business. However, there are still some which fit any type of business.

Avada Business WP Theme

This is used by many website owners because it provides an experience which helps users of all devices to get what they want from any website
Live Demo / Download Avada

Fable Responsive WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a responsive WordPress theme with many social features for promoting your website, you should get this
Live Demo / Download Fable

RAW Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

This is a good option because, among many other features, its social features can be taken advantage of because a large number of the social referrals will come from those who use mobile devices
Live Demo / Download RAW

Foxy WordPress Theme

This is a very good option for small businesses or amateur bloggers, as it helps you to improve the experience of your users without spending a lot of money
Live Demo / Download Foxy

Gameplan Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

You will love this theme because of its functionality, one of the features to look for in a theme; you will not have any need to waste time changing the look
Live Demo / Download Gameplan Gym

StyleShop eCommerce Theme

To the developers of this theme, responsiveness is one of the features which are most important; thus it should not be ignored
Live Demo / Download StyleShop

STYLISH WordPress Theme

Most people love this theme because it has many features that support social media connects, newsletters and image sliders
Live Demo / Download STYLISH

Chameleon Business WP Theme

If you are tired of using various site-slowing plugins, you should use this theme because it has many features which are in-built to make it unnecessary to use plugins
Live Demo / Download Chameleon

Porcelain Multi Purpose WP Theme

If you need a theme which can be easily customized, this is the best option for you because it has a nice page which explains how easy it is to change things such as font, color and layout
Live Demo / Download Porcelain

Evolution Responsive Theme

Those who need cheap, cool WordPress themes always use this, and it has all the necessary features you need in a site for your online projects
Live Demo / Download Evolution

Mana Responsive WP Theme

Because this is the responsive WordPress themes with wide, boxed and attached layouts, you should consider it when creating your site
Live Demo / Download Mana

Envision Retina WordPress Theme

This is one of the themes to watch out for in 2014 because of its unique and new Metro Blog layout for any type of business need
Live Demo / Download Envision Retina

Marble Flat Responsive Theme

This is the right one for you if you need a theme with different Blog layouts and many Metro post styles for any online business or personal blog
Live Demo / Download Marble

Corsa Creative OnePage Theme

Some of the cool posts styles of this theme are Centered, Regular, Right image, Left image, Grid 2, Grid 3, Grid 4, Metro and many others
Live Demo / Download Corsa

OneUp Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

This is another good theme because of its advanced page title options for spacing and the image of the background
Live Demo / Download OneUp

Subway Responsive WordPress Theme

Most website owners also love this theme because it has many advanced top bar options such as Menu, Language widget and Shopping cart and you can place social icons on the sides
Live Demo / Download Subway

Valenti Magazine News Theme

If you need a theme which has many menu styles, you should use this; it has styles like icon, metro, regular text and transparent
Live Demo / Download Valenti

Braxton Magazine Theme

In addition to have a responsive layout, this theme has many header layouts for your logo and menus like Icon, Metro, Resular and Content
Live Demo / Download Braxton

Essenza Grid Portfolio Theme

With the detailed admin panel of this theme, you will not have any problem setting up the site; there is no need to edit any code or call a professional to help you
Live Demo / Download Essenza

Mexin Premium WP Theme

Being retina-ready, all the parts of this theme look beautiful on high pixel displays, making it to be ideal for any type of business website
Live Demo / Download Mexin

Chariot WordPress Theme

You need this theme if you want something which makes it possible for you to customize the page of your site
Live Demo / Download Chariot

Time WordPress Theme

Creating unique, styled pages is possible with this theme; you can configure the page layout, the top bar, the header and the page title
Live Demo / Download Time

Samba Colored WordPress Theme

The ability to configure important parts such as page content, page footer and page sub-footer is one of the things which make this to be a must-have theme
Live Demo / Download Samba Colored

Big Junior WP Theme

The cool layout options that you will always enjoy with this theme are Advanced Category, Author, Search Result and Tag; therefore, you should get it
Live Demo / Download Big Junior

Zinc WordPress Theme

Many advanced footer options are possible with this theme, some of which are custom color and background image; column layout and the color for the footer
Live Demo / Download Zinc

Nordic Responsive WordPress Theme

To help you to get started quickly, this theme comes with some predefined layouts for you and supports many modern plugins, including the ones used for ecommerce
Live Demo / Download Nordic

David Goliath Business Theme

In addition to being able to set the column of the footer, this theme comes with many SEO options for increasing traffic to your site
Live Demo / Download David Goliath

Second Touch Theme

Being able to include premium sliders is one of the things you will enjoy with this theme; it even supports many types of fonts which are loved by the search engines
Live Demo / Download Second Touch

Barberry WordPress Theme

Being able to create a site in any language is made possible because of the included .po and .mo files; it also supports many ecommerce plugins for any business website
Live Demo / Download Barberry

Astrum Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a responsive WordPress theme which is compatible with many popular ecommerce plugins? If so, this is the best one for you
Live Demo / Download Astrum

Dimple Responsive WordPress Theme

Sidebars are good because they enable you to place ads in key places where they can be easily seen by your visitors; that is one feature which this theme has
Live Demo / Download Dimple

Satellite7 WordPress Theme

You will enjoy the responsive web design of this theme if you love placing widgets on your site; there are also many post formats for your use
Live Demo / Download Satellite7

Visia Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a good theme because it supports many post formats like Video, Audio, Chat, Gallery, Image and Quote
Live Demo / Download Visia

Maximus Responsive Theme

A responsive layout is very important today because more mobile users are using the social networking sites; therefore, you can also get your content shared through the sharing options supported
Live Demo / Download Maximus

Rocco Flat WP Theme

If you need a theme which supports many sharing options like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, then this is the right theme for you
Live Demo / Download Rocco Flat

The7 WordPress Theme

A site without traffic is useless, and that is why you should use this theme; it supports many Google fonts and has advanced typography options for any responsive website
Live Demo / Download The7

Swatch WordPress Theme

Being able to create a unique website is very important; that is why this responsive WordPress theme has the needed PSD files for your use
Live Demo / Download Swatch

Kyte Responsive WordPress Theme

If you want to create a responsive website of any language, you should use this theme because it works with WPML
Live Demo / Download Kyte

Metrika OnePage WordPress Theme

This is a good option for any business website because it has the modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding needed for more online security
Live Demo / Download Metrika

Sweet Cake WordPress Theme

This helps you to create a sticky header for your site and with its social media options, your content will easily be shared through Facebook and Twitter to increase traffic
Live Demo / Download Sweet Cake

Limitless Multipurpose Drag n Drop Theme

You will love this theme because it has a layout which can be configured the way you like; this is very good for targeting users of mobile devices
Live Demo / Download Limitless

Astra Responsive WP Theme

Everything about this theme is responsive, as through any mobile device, your pricing tables, product images and many important things are easily seen
Live Demo / Download Astra

Newspaper WordPress Template

Your responsive website will appear nicely on any browser through this theme, and that is why it should be one of your top choices
Live Demo / Download Newspaper

Flat WooCommerce Theme

In addition to the detailed documentation which comes with this theme, you will have an easy-to-use admin panel for determining the way you want your site to look
Live Demo / Download Flat WooCommerce

Those are the cool WordPress themes with the responsive layout for any business website or personal blog. Using them increases your chances of succeeding online, especially as new smartphones are released every month. With the mobile devices, more people will discover your website and could be your customers for life. Therefore, you should get all the themes you want from the list above.

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