6 Hottest Web Design Trends

A professional web design trend 2017 involves the use of certain best practices which are required by the search engines. Those practices also help in increasing the chances of a website having increased traffic. Another benefit is that you can easily increase your rate of conversion, which means more of your visitors are likely to fill your form or buy the products you are selling. The previous web design trends show many websites now creating sites which are responsive and are compatible with many browsers, instead of only focusing on Internet Explorer. The reason for this is that IE has been losing its domination, and if your site is not designed to work with other browsers, you might be losing some prospective customers.

Whether you are using a template or a custom web design, the color should be considered. A color has its own meaning. For instance, blue is cool and corporate, white is clean, and having a blue and white theme gives you a corporate and clean web design. Orange and yellow are friendly and grey is cool, and if you have a combination of an orange-grey theme, you will have a fun and friendly mood. Most website owners use a dark color because it easily matches other bright colors. The right combination, if you want to have a common match, is to use a light colored text and black background.

There are certain features which are considered in today’s web design trends, and they will be briefly discussed here. The best WordPress themes 2014 have all these key features, making the websites for which they are used to have more traffic and improve user experience.

Responsive Layouts

Using a responsive web design means that the layout of your website changes in response to the screen size and resolution of the visitor, making it possible for the users of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access you site instead of being restricted to the traditional laptops and desktops. This is a very popular layout today, and one of the design methods is the CSS3′s media query. Through the media query, your website asks the device to provide its specifications, and the essential parts to this media query. A responsive layout can also be based on JavaScript, but this is not as effective as media queries. A media query tests for more than just the screen resolution.

Full Screen With Video or Photo Background

In today’s web design trends, you will find that money-making websites have full screen with video or photo background, either built in to the site or made possible through special plugins. The video and audio elements help in creating a new publishing digital media method, streaming off a web server, and if you have an experienced designer, the feature could work with advanced layouts.

One Page Web Design

There are many WordPress themes 2017 which allow you to create a one-page website if you want to your internet visitors to do some simple tasks like filling offer forms, signing up to your optin list to receive newsletters and many others. This type of design is also good for selling products and a lot of information is not needed to be provided to prospective customers because they can buy.

Metro style

Whether you are looking for a template or a custom web design, you should also look for the metro style feature. This is the modern interface adapting to any website structure through its 5 different color combinations and the use of standard components. The feature could make it possible for you to easily change the color of all elements to fit the type of website you are creating, including when creating an ecommerce website or a personal blog.

Landing Page

One of the other web design trends you find today is the use of responsive WordPress themes 2017, meaning that your site responds to the type of device your website visitor is using. As said above, this feature is good for those using mobile devices. A landing page does not distract your visitor, as one page is viewed, requesting the filling of submission forms for optin list or trial products or buying products offered.

Infinite Scrolling

The infinite scrolling is the web design technique preventing the scroll bar of the browser from scrolling to the bottom of the page, thus making it possible for the page to instead grow with additional content. The feature is useful when the full content of your website is too large and could make the page loading to be slow. Another situation which makes infinite scrolling to be necessary is if it is very important to retain your website visitor, but where clicking the “Next” page is a usability barrier. This scrolling feature is good with a responsive web design and if you want to create an ecommerce website. You should use the feature where your content might be in paged chunks – blog posts, search results, product listings, and so on.

Any web design trend 2017 considers the features mentioned above, and you should not fail to use the premium themes having them. Though some of the themes might not be free, you would get back your money in a lot of sales.

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